Sharlee Stockfeeds - 12 weeks delivery no replies totally useless

Sydney, New South Wales 0 comments

I also bought product and used to shop here regularly until my last experience of 12 weeks waiting for the product. Guess I was lucky to get it but it took literally hundreds of emails and ph calls to get anywhere.

Just do yourself a favour and don't shop with Greg or Sharlee. Similar products can be bought on eBay from reputable sellers at fair prices.

Just pay via Paypal for full protection and do not buy from this mob who now seem to just take the money and run. Worse comes to worse go to dept fair trading and report these losers.

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Monetary Loss: $20.

Sharlee Stockfeeds - Has anyone started a class action yet!!!?

Salinas, California 2 comments

Come January of 2013 it will be 2 years since i placed my order of 3 boxes comfortis for my dog. I e-mailed Greg directly and he did respond the first 3 e-mails but now nothing!

I want to know if anyone has started a class action suit to sue Sharlee Stockfeeds. The first 4 orders i made with him i did receive. Or course it took no less then about 6 months with each order but he always told me it was customs. I just want my money back.

Another PISSED consumer! Thank you for your concerns.

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North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia #620297

Please google Illawarra Mercury Sharlee Stockfeeds to see 2 stories on this business and the action that have been taken by the court against this business

North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia #620296

Please google Illawarra Mercury Sharlee Stockfeeds to see 2 stories on this business and the action that have been taken by the court against this business

Sharlee Stockfeeds - Another complaint from the US

Columbia, South Carolina 0 comments

On 4/20/12 I ordered and paid for a 6 month supply of Comfortis Blue......Since then and many emails and phone calls to Greg, my dog still needs his meds.

Who in Austrailia can I report this to.

I have seen another company Vital Pets in do i KNOW its not another scam? I also have just learned that Comfortis can be sold in Australia but not shipped to the US. Is that true?


By the way, Greg's phone is located in Las Vegas, Nevada


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Sharlee Stockfeeds - Ordered in May, still no reply or goods

Bossier City, Louisiana 1 comment
Not resolved

I ordered Comfortis and Advantage from Sharlee's Stockfeed in May and still have not received my pet meds. My credit card was charged the next day.

I have emailed them twice now with no reply and no reply on their phone. Now the website is down and the email I sent was bounced back. Only time I have ever ordered online without checking reviews and I will NEVER do that again. Anyone know what I can do to get my $100.


Is there any other waymto contact these people or somewhere to lodge a complaint? Thanks so much.

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Monetary Loss: $109.



Important to complain to NSW Fair Trading in Australia. They have an investigation underway. Facebook has a page for help and to discuss your issues with this company 'STOP SHARLEE STOCKFEED NOW'

Sharlee Stockfeeds - Never again

Adelaide, South Australia 0 comments

I am due to purchase dog meds again, but not with Sharlee. I purchase from Sharlee last year, took months to receive , after many emails they arrived DAMAGED.

We're on a limited budget, it was difficult to think I had been ripped off. Took just days for them to take my money!!!! THEIR EXCUSE: ..death in the family - hence the delay in delivery ---- um sorry, but from what I have read, they are just full of it. I take pleasure in knowing what you reap is WHAT YOU SOW....

we hope you reap big time ---- but hey buddy, don't choke on what you reap - enjoy your shi*te rewards .... they will be short lived :-)

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Monetary Loss: $79.

Sharlee Stockfeeds - To the gentalman whom Just call me

Melbourne, Victoria 0 comments
Not resolved

I just had a missed call from the gentleman who provided the Mobile number for Greg Sharlee Stockfeeds. It was regarding and order that we placed with the company 18.5.12 and have not received. This order was over $800.00. He has reassured the mobile number for Greg is correct!!!....WE have tried to recontact Greg but no answer. same ole same ole! We as a small family Business would love some help.

Dear gentleman -Could you PLEASE recall me as I mistakenly deleted you message which contained your return number... Sorry for inconvenience.

Jodie 0409250573. Many Thanks.

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Sharlee Stockfeeds - Took money over $800.00 and failed to supply

Melbourne, Victoria 2 comments
Not resolved

Sharlee stockfeed.

Happy to take money but not provide service. Will not return any contact efforts. Have proof of sale.

Order placed over 1mth ago on the 18.5.12. Has any body had any success with this company in regards to refund. How did you do it! We are a small family business that cannot afford to throw away large amounts of money.

Our order with this crook was over $800.00 paid on the day of order. No supply of goods. No return emails, mobile contact 0417455044 person who answers says not Greg Stratton- not heard of him????

Anyone with successful advice please contact us at or phone 03 58 7345348 or 0409250573!!!!!!!


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Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia #1283609

Very fun order was delivered and signed for Just more lies


I just called the number that you listed for him and he picked up - This is the first contact I have had with him. I placed a $500 order with him at the Start of May and have not received anything. He is calling me back tonight or tomorrow morning however I am not holding my breath - I will let you know how it turns out.


Perth, Western Australia 1 comment
Not resolved

Greg Stratton, the owner of Sharlee Stockfeed can be contacted on his mobile 0417 455 044. Call NOW and demand your refund.

Share this number with as many people you can and post on all other sites where complaints have been lodged. I have spent weeks trying to contact this man and mY work has now paid off by finding his mobile number.

I will continue to pursue this man until I and all others have been refunded. This man needs to understand that we all intend to keep the pressure on until he is finally held accountable for his crime.

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And now they are trading as Lealean Pet Supplies - how do they do that? Do Not purchase from

Ripped off by Sharlee Stockfeeds

Sydney, New South Wales 0 comments
Not resolved

I placed an order over the internet, which eventually arrived but not until after many weeks and many excuses in response to my email enquires ... But the order was incomplete.

When I then tried to contact the company to resolve this, my repeated emails went unanswered.

The phone number from their webpage is answered by an answering machine, and repeated messages left are not responded to.

There is an extremely high chance that this company will rip you off too - do not risk it ! Greg Stratton from Sharlee Stockfeeds has demonstrated that he has absolutely no business ethics and no conscience.

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Sharlee Stockfeeds - Took money did not deliver my meds

Los Angeles, California 1 comment
Not resolved

I Purchased meds on May 03,2012 from sharlee stockfeeds today is June 11, 2012 and I have not received meds and are unable to contact anyone I left several messages on the answer machine and no call backs. I did call their posted phone numbers many times and sent them a lot of emails.

They have not returned any of my many calls or returned any of the many emails that I have sent. I am now looking in to getting my money back through the credit card company and have posted comments on face book and on twitter

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IMPORTANT: Please lodge a complaint with: - There are a lot of us trying to stop this business. Also a facebook page called STOP SHARLEE STOCKFEED NOW

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