Sharlee Stockfeeds took my money, didn't deliver goods or the promised refund. They are getting a lot of money for nothing and are defrauding many.

Lets get together and try and do something about this company. Discuss ways to stop them operating. If we all share our ideas and actions, maybe we can succeed.

email me: fair.go125@gmail.com At present, I have reported them to the ACCC, Fair Trading, reported them to the host of their website and I am constantly posting bad reviews on their website (they are being removed, so I keep posting them). Any more ideas?

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I agree with Kylphil on the youtube idea. This man was involved in animal cruelty as well as defrauding people. I think social media would be a wonderful way of seeking justice. I have created a youtube channel called stopsharlee. If all of you could email me a video concerning the number of promises, problems, etc with Sharlee Stockfeeds, i will upload it to the youtube channel. Please email me on stopsharleestockfeeds@gmail.com.

I will be going to the store in Wollongong next week so if anyone needs help with their order, please email me.

I suggest that everyone in NSW report him to the Consumer, Trader, and Tenancy Tribunal. This is the first step. I am currently completing my law degree and will make sure this man gets what he deserves. My mother and sister are lawyers which will provide me with unlimited legal resources.


I have been scammed by Greg too and have made reports to everywhere possible including ACCC Scam Watch, NSW Fair Trading, the website host OsCommerce, my bank, and the place where I found the online site which was a shopping price comparison webpage myshopping.com.au.

If you have been scammed, make your complaints and be careful in communicating with Greg Stratton - he is a scammer and has fooled many!

Email communication ensures you have everything in writing and continuously request a refund which is your right as a consumer.

Be persistant and never give up. He will just continue to make a living from scamming people if we don't do anything about it.


Sharlee Stockfeeds did not deliver 3 bags of Purina Pro Plan as ordered by phone. They lied about my refund on 6 occassions.

The business name should be changed to Sharleton Stockfeeds as I have read many posts from consumers with similar complaints. In will be taking this further.


not sure if your contact address is OK. Try contact me sainter1@optusnet.com.au

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